Blue Dreamin' Farms proudly introduces  
Blue Dreamin Catadude 
2012 Liver Chestnut 
NASPR Premium Premier 
(Rosedale Top Cat x Moelgarnedd Hamdden)
Owner: Megan Bittle

Blue Dreamin' Farms     Trainer: Megan Bittle
(408) 242-2380     Coarsegold, CA 93614
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Show Highlights  Trained & handled by Megan Bittle

2016 Results
     •9/18/16 The Event Derby FCHP 2nd place dressage score of 29, clean jump!
     •9/18/16 The Event Derby FCHP 2nd place dressage score of 31.6, clean jump!
2015 Results
  • 10/1/15 Woodside FEH Championships 3yr old 4th place overall 75.9!
  • 10/1/15 Woodside FEH Championships colts, 2nd place overall!
  •  9/27/15 FCHP Event Derby FEH 3yr old 1st place with a big 83!!!
  • 8/6/15 The event at Woodside FEH 3yr old 2nd place!
  • 4/24/15 FCHP 3yr old FEH 1st place with a score of 72.3!
  • ​6/7/15 Lone Tree Farm FEH score of 77.1!

2014 Results
  • 10/28/14 West Coast FEH Championships at Galway 4th Place!
  • 10/24/14 NASPR Site Champion and Approved for breeding with score of 8.8!
  • 10/17/14 FCHP 2yr old FEH 1st place with a score of 76.1!
  • 9/17/14 Twin Rivers 2yr old FEH 2nd place with score of 72.95!
  • 8/7/14 Summer event at Woodside 2yr old FEH 2nd Place!
  • 6/1/14 Lone Tree 2yr old FEH 1st place with a score of 82.95!!!!!
  • 4/25/14 FCHP 2yr old FEH 1st place! OUTSTANDING SCORE of 84.35!!!!
2013 Results​
  • NASPR Overall Champion Future Event Horse for 2013!!!! 
  • Fresno County Horse Park FEH April 2013: First Place!
  • NASPR Site Champion First Premium Premier with an overall score of 10!
Everything you're looking for in a sport horse in a compact size!

Blue Dreamin Catadude 

Blue Dreamin Catadude is an up and coming NASPR Premium Premier stallion who has already made a name for himself as a foal, showing in hand in the FEH, under saddle as an eventer, and as an exceptional sire!! There are not many great sires, but Catadude is definitely on his way to stardom and we truly believe in his greatness and he commands attention wherever he goes! As a foal he was already started for greatness receiving an overall score of 10 at his NASPR foal inspection. Catadude then went on to show in the USEA FEH as a yearling, 2yr old, and three year old. This 14.1 hand stallion took multiple championships receiving the second highest score in the Nation at a USEA FEH show in 2014 with a score of 84.35, and another score of 82! There is no doubt he can compete and WIN against the horses! He received several scores in the 80's in 2015 as a 3 yr old and did well at the West Coast Championships. Catadude is very easy to train and going very well under saddle. He attended his first Event Derby in 2016 and against 15 horses he took 2nd in both of his classes, finishing clean in his jumping and receiving a great first dressage score of 29, marking a couple 9's in his test! He impresses people wherever he goes and with his athletic ability and perfect conformation will be able to cross into any arena from eventing and dressage to the hunter/jumper ring. He has exceptional jumping ability, form, and desire to jump. His scope over fences would impress grand prix riders. A true great stallion can also produce and Catadude has proved he can do just that through his first foal crop! ALL of his 2016 foals received Premium Premier status with the NASPR! One foal took it a step further and was the highest scored NASPR and AWR foal in the Nation, including Canada, with a 9.8!!! Another foal was close to that with a 9.3!! These babies are NICE and have the conformation any person would look for in a jumper or dressage mount. They are kind with lovely movement and good bone size! They also inherit their father's good looks and have the cutest heads and eyes around. Catadude will cross well with pony mares as well as compliment larger mares. If you would like to breed for perfect conformation, correct movement, great jump and scope, and have the kind temperament to make training easy, then please consider Blue Dreamin Catadude for your mare this year! I know you will be thrilled with your foal! Ask about our discounts for early booking and for mares approved with the AWR and NASPR. Liver Chestnut with Agouti A/a. 

Catadude lacks nothing in his jumping ability with scope to spare, lovely uphill ground covering movement, and one of the best personalities around, we know you won't be disappointed! Come meet him today and look for him at the shows! Dude's sire, Rosedale Top Cat, is the first NASPR foundation sire and has proven himself over and over by producing multiple champions! If you are looking to produce a top hunter, eventer, dressage,  driving pony, or looking to size your mare down for a smaller horse, please consider 
Blue Dreamin Catadude....for he IS the PURRRFECT DUDE! 
Blue Dreamin CMeFly 
2016 colt by Dude
Dude's offspring have with out a doubt inherited his jumping ability!!! 
Photo by Debra Montgomery
Photo by Debra Montgomery
Photo by Debra Montgomery
Photo by Debra Montgomery
Incredible first foal crop for Dude! At their NASPR inspection, 
ALL foals took Premium Premier 
with above and beyond scores, one foal was the National Champion!!!
NOW is the time to book your mare to this once in a lifetime stallion!
Blue Dreamin CMeFly "Flyer"
Overall 9.3!!!
(Blue Dreamin Catadude x
Blue Dreamin Gemini)
Blue Dreamin Phoenix "Phoenix"
Overall 9.8!!!
(Blue Dreamin Catadude x
Psymply Golden GHA)
Blue Dreamin Comandr "King"
Overall 8.1!!!
(Blue Dreamin Catadude x
Nevadas Little Spark)