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My name is Megan Bittle and I have been riding and showing horses my whole life. I have been starting colts and training for almost 20 years. I am well rounded in that I train in almost every discipline. I started my training in western and soon broadened my knowledge to Dressage and eventing. Every horse is capable of something great and I strive to bring that out in them. Whatever horse or pony you are looking for, I'm sure I can help you find your match. I can also help you choose a suitable stallion to compliment your mare, get your mare in foal and help in foaling her out! I have shown almost all my life through many levels. I started out showing in 4-H for 10 years, even 
going to place fourth overall at the National level in Hippology. I have shown at the APHA world level, receiving top ten on a green horse the first year out; evented in numerous USEA horse trials, competed in FEH competitions with multiple wins, extreme cowboy racing and Ranch versatility/reining competitions. I show on many circuits, including USEA, USDF, AQHA, APHA, AHA, and in multiple open shows. To this day, I still occasionally show Western, but mainly focous on competing in Sport horse in hand and Eventing. A well rounded trainer makes a well schooled horse! 

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine science from Fresno State and have worked for many vets. I trim my own horses and know what to do in an emergency situation. I also understand what is an emergency and what is not. I have been proud to host the AWR/NASPR inspection for 7 years and counting as well as the Friesians for their FHANA testing!

I use natural horsemanship and ride with very light hands and a quiet voice. I put three good gaits and a soft mouth on the colts, as well as introduce them to many things on the ground: standing, plastic bags, water, clippers, trailering, etc. I train most breeds and pride myself in having a safe, versatile horse that will go in any direction after starting. I work on forward motion, even rhythm, relaxation, connection, and straightness before collection and make sure that each horse enjoys their time in the saddle and fully understands what is asked. Having a horse with a great mind and a lot of "try" is key to training and this has to be done through building the horse's confidence. We have numerous trails over and around our 40 acres that the babies learn valuable life lessons on and how to establish balance and where their feet are as well as problem solving their way through various terrain. 

My barn is on my property, so I am there all the time. I am very professional, and fun to work with. Give me a call and we can talk more; I would love to hear about you and your horse!

Thank you, Megan Bittle 
We recently have decided to downsize our outside training program to focus on our goals of showing our own stock and promoting our growing breeding program that has been producing consistently NICE horses and ponies that are excelling in the show arenas. We will still offer a few outside training slots a year. Our trainer, Megan Bittle, specializes in training young horses/ponies, and will offer some quality stock that she has had in full time training so you know they will be exceptionally well started and ready to continue in any arena...or who are already showing. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing clients and horsey family for helping our farm get where it is and your continued support. Over the years as our breeding program has matured into producing these wonderful horses  we need to now take the time to really get to the shows and promote our stallions and their offspring. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you at the shows as well as talking to you about your mare and helping create your dream foal! We will offer several quality horses and ponies from our stallions for sale, so please let us know what you might be looking for...or want to breed and we will help find your match! 

We specialize in training & breeding the Event horse & Sport Pony. We focus in the aspects of Dressage, Cross country, show jumping & Hunter, as well as bringing up promising young prospects that show in Future and Young Event horse. Our Trainer, Megan Bittle, also specializes in training young horses for in hand competition, fitting for inspections, and of course starting under saddle. We breed North American Sport Ponies and American Warmblood Registry Horses, standing our AWR Cremello Stallion, Rubicons Moonlit Motion and our NASPR stallions Blue Dreamin Catadude & future stallion Blue Dreamin CMeFly. 
Trainer Megan Bittle 

Meet Our Trainer Megan Bittle


We understand that all horses are as unique in their needs as their owners so we develop different training programs that suit these versatile needs.Whether you are just starting out or want to start showing. We will work with you and your horse using your leg, hand, and seat to communicate a soft/accepting mouth, forward motion, and suppleness. 

"Great days don't just happen, they were built everyday through patience, communication, and understanding during training!" Megan Bittle  

We take our time starting colts and make sure that they have an understanding about one thing before we move on to the next. Special attention is given to all of the horses we own and train. Trainer Megan Bittle personally cleans stalls, tacks up, turns out, rides, and bathes each horse. Megan knows all the attitudes of each horse so she knows if one looks a little "off" in body or mind and special care is given to detect what it is. 
Please read below as our training program has changed....
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