Nevadas Dual Spark


Nevadas Dual Spark
(Nevadas Little Spark x Docs Cashn Dual Chex)
NASPR First Premium, AQHA, & AQPA 
Foaled: May 5, 2013
13.3 hand dark Bay mare (E/e, A/a)
Owner: Megan Bittle

Rosie is in a class all her own, I don't think you could pack more talent and athletic ability in a horse if you tried. Her conformation and way of standing draws any eye onto her and then when you see her jump you can't look away! She had quite the following at Twin Rivers in 2016 when she competed in the 3 year old division of the USEA FEH against 11 big horses. Rosie wowed the judges placing 5th overall and 3rd in mares! The judges commented they wanted to take her home!
Her Jump she inherited from her amazing Dam!

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Rosie is confirmed in foal to Blue Dreamin Catadude for her first foal to arrive in May 2019, we are SO excited!

About Rosie

Nevadas Dual Spark, "Rosie" loves to jump just like her mom. This NASPR first premium filly is one to watch! She is the most athletic mare and has that hard to breed for "heart" and "try" in everything she does, mainly over jumps! She's sensitive and brave with a bit of attitude; everything I look for in a pony or horse and just a dream to train and ride! She is amazing out on the trail and will put a smile on any face once you jump her! The judges love her and at the USEA west coast championships, they wanted to take her home! She placed 5th over all in her class of 11 at the 2016 USEA FEH 3 year old West Coast Championships and 3rd in mares! She is correct in all of her gaits and her trot doesn't need to "warm up" it's just always nice from the start with excellent reach and her canter is so balanced lead changes are a breeze! She loves to jump and is brave to fences with perfect form. Rosie is a dream to train, very quick to learn and smart as can be! She is also registered AQHA and International Quarter Pony. Rosie's bloodlines are highly sot after and a wonderful blend of the top AQHA rein cow and cutting lines out there. She has Shining Spark, Bueno Chex, Mister Dual Pep (Peppy San Badger), & Lenas Hot Shot ON her four generation pedigree! Her Dam, Nevadas Little Spark "Wonder", is a First Premium with a 7.9 and an 8.5 in her jumping ability is one of our best mares and helped create our breeding program. There isn't much this little horse can't do. She is a complete athlete who is proven in everything from eventing to reining and cutting. She is an excellent producer and all her foals have inherited her tight knees and good scope in their jumping form, not to mention the love to jump. Wonder has great conformation and a very strong hip from her breeding that has a valuble influence on her sportpony foals. Her neck and shoulder are lovely and she is a beauty to watch at liberty and under saddle. Wonder is great out on the trail too and our kids ride her in the arena. She can be a little snarky but we love it as it also gives her the desire to work hard and do well at the shows. She has competed in several combined tests, placing second both times out against 15 horses! She has a following at all the shows.
Rosie's Sire, Docs Cashn Dual Chex, is as athletic as they come and has an extensive show record in the cutting, ranch riding, and rein/cow horse at the highest level. He is unique in his class and a money earner in NRCHA, NCHA and has his AQHA ROM. He has competed at the world and placed top five in the Ranch Riding and made the finals in the cutting. He is the BEST minded stallion and just stunning to look at.